Estimate Manager

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Quickly edit multiple Estimates at once!
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What does it do?

Let's you quickly access, review, and update your estimates in QuickBooks. Stop going down a report one Estimate at a time to deactivate or update Estimates in QuickBooks. Now you can choose a date range, and update all of the estimates in that date range at once. A must have for any business that works with high volumes of Estimates!

Need to mark a bunch of Estimates as "To Be Emailed"? Now you can check and uncheck the "To Be Emailed" box on several Estimates at once.

Need to mark a bunch of Estimates "In Active"? Now you can select a date range, and quickly deactivate all of the Estimates that are outdated. This is a great tool to use monthly, quarterly, or annually to clean up your Active Estimates in QuickBooks.

How does it work?

Just open QuickBooks and select the date range and status of the Estimates that you would like to work with. Estimate Manger will show you a list of all of the Estimates in QuickBooks that meet your criteria. Simply edit the information you need to change, and then click Update QuickBooks to send your changes back to QuickBooks. You can even Activate or Deactivate all of the Estimates you've selected with one Click. You can also mark all of the selected estimates as To Be Emailed, or clear them from your To Be Emailed list in QuickBooks.

More Information
  • Select a date range of Estimates to work with
  • Include or exclude Inactive Estimates from your date range
  • View your Estimates in an editable spreadsheet like grid
  • Enter your changes, you can update Estimate Date, Number, Memo, Is Active, To Be Emailed
  • Send your changes to QuickBooks with one click