Sales Order Manager

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Edit many Sales Orders at once!
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What does it do?

Let's you quickly access, review, and edit Sales Orders in QuickBooks. You never again have to click through a long report editing each SO one at a time again! Now you can choose a date range, and work with all of the SO's in that date range at once. A must have for any business that works with high volumes of Sales Orders!

Need to clear out old SO's from your "To Be Emailed" or "To Be Printed" Send/Print forms list? Now you can check and uncheck the "To Be Emailed" and the "To Be Printed" box on several Sales Orders at once.

You can use the Sales Order Manager monthly, quarterly, or annually to clean up your Open Sales Orders list in QuickBooks! You can mark several Sales Orders closed at once, just select a date range, and close any Sales Orders that are not fully received.

Do you have closed/shipped SO's showing up on an Open SO report? This is a known issue in QuickBooks, where sometimes the SO get's "damaged". The solution is to edit and re-save the SO. The Sales Order Manager let's you do this to many SO's at once instead of going through each one, opening it, changing it, and re-saving it. (Click here to see Intuit's Support Article about this issue)

How does it work?

Open QuickBooks and open Sales Order Manager, then just enter the date range for the SO's that you would like to work with. You can choose to include or exclude Closed or Fully Shipped SO's. Then Sales Order Manger will show you a list of all of the SO's in QuickBooks that meet your criteria. Just edit the SO's that you need to change, and then click Update QuickBooks to send your changes back to QuickBooks.

More Information
  • Work with a specific date range of Sales Orders
  • Choose to include or exclude closed or fully shipped SO's from your date range
  • View your SO's in an editable spreadsheet like grid
  • Edit your orders, you can update Sales Order Date, Ship Date, Customer PO Number, Memo, Closed, To Be Emailed, and To Be Printed
  • Send your changes to QuickBooks with one click